1. Tumor niche vascular dysfunction and fibrosis in cancers: relevance of the regulation of integrin b1 function by the acetyltransferase aTAT1
    Dr Adama Sidibe  Departement de Physiologie cellulaire et métabolisme, UNIGE
  2. Multiplex imaging analysis of the tumor-immune micro-environment in rectal cancer
    Dr Claudia Corro, Service d’Oncologie, HUG
  3. Exploratory analysis of the biological effects of an online mindfulness-based cancer-recovery (MBCR) program for women with gynecological cancer
    Dr Marie-Estelle Gaignard, Service d’Oncologie, HUG
  4. Elucidating the role of T regulatory (Treg) cells in NAFLD/NASH
    Dr Karim Gariani,  Service d’endocrinologie, HUG
  5. Impac of tumor micro-environment on lymphatic vessel features and immunomodulatory function
    Dr Laure Garnier, Departement de Pathologie et Immunologie, UNIGE
  6. Recherche de nouvelles vulnérabilités des cellules souches leucémiques par des approches de criblages pharmacologiques et génétiques
    Dr Clément Larrue, Service d’Hématologie, HUG


Projets primés 2022